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Use smart digital conversations to connect with your customers

NICE inContact CXone Interaction Channels provide over 30 options to connect with customers in their channel of choice – including chat, messaging options like WhatsApp and SMS as well as voice. Offer a consistent journey across all the channels your customers want and quickly add new channels to stay ahead of the competition.
Increase customer satisfaction with digital-first omnichannel experiences
Revolutionize the agent experience with blended digital and voice interactions
Unify journey visibility with omnichannel reporting
Maximize channel flexibility across digital and voice
Streamline digital-first omnichannel routing and administration
CXone Interaction Channels—Your foundation for a true omnichannel experience
Digital-first omnichannel flexibility
Choose from over 30 digital and voice channels and flexibly deploy to all agents.
  • Add any channel quickly and seamlessly whenever needed
  • Reduce cost by paying only for what you use
  • Accelerate ROI with minimal upfront investment when adding new channels


Increase customer satisfaction
Provide the omnichannel journey your customers increasingly expect.
  • Offer seamless omnichannel across messaging and real-time voice/chat
  • Empower customers to choose their preferred channel to reach you
  • Enable customers to freely choose how they want to interact – in person, using a mobile app, a kiosk, or online presence
  • Empower agents to elevate interactions across channels to reduce the need for follow-ups


Optimize agent productivity
Increase agent productivity and satisfaction by giving them more control, more background and the ability to demonstrate interaction ownership in a familiar, consistent interface.
  • Enable agents to concurrently handle multiple interactions
  • Improve engagement and satisfaction by giving agents more control
  • Help agents to personalize interactions with immediate access to customer data, conversation history, and sentiment
  • Empower agents to decide which interactions to focus on first
  • Reduce training and ramp up time with a consistent agent interface


Create consistent journeys
Consolidate routing of any channel in Studio – a visual, intuitive design tool – to the right agents and profit from unified real-time and historical omnichannel reporting.
  • Reduce training needs for Administrators and Managers
  • Improve management productivity with unified configuration and administration across digital and voice channels
  • Reduce response times with real-time data access for quick intervention
  • Easily integrate with external data sources and systems using prebuilt components that allow extending routing flows with custom code
  • Better understand the customer journey with metrics for all channels


CXone interaction channels with native support
NICE inContact CXone Interaction Channels is a suite of digital and voice channels that makes delivering interactions in your customers’ channel of choice a reality. You can pick and choose any of the channels listed below for your unified contact center platform. Your agents are more productive with a single interface – MAX (My Agent eXperience) – for handling any channel – digital or voice.

With the MAX interface, agents that handle digital interactions use the Digital Inbox for channels such as Social Media and Messaging (including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat and many more). Contact center managers save time and effort with unified administration and management for all supported channels. And everyone profits from unified insights with reports and real-time dashboards that deliver a consolidated view across digital and voice interaction channels.

CXone Interaction Channels

Web chat
Social media
Social monitoring
 Inbound Voice Inbound Email    Advanced Chat Facebook  Twitter Direct Messages   Google Play
Outbound Voice  Manual Outbound Email Proactive Chat LinkedIn Facebook Messenger   
 Interactive Voice Response Agentless Outbound Email  Video Chat  Twitter  Apple Business Chat  
 Callback    Automated Chat (Chat Bot) Instagram   Inbound SMS  
 Voicemail    Co-Browsing Telegram   Outbound SMS  
What our Customers Say
"I'm really excited that we now offer omnichannel for our customers including phone, email, and chat. We’re maximizing our competitive advantage with NICE inContact."

Angie Luckey-Succes, MBA, CCCM
Director of Client Experience

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Call Center Software is a suite of tools that enable organizations to handle customer issues from any channel, improve the performance of their agents, analyze data, and achieve their customer experience goals. Most modern software platforms include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, workforce management and optimization, a dialer for outbound communications, integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, multichannel queues to handle different kinds of customer communications, and reporting.