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CXone Personal Connection
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Generate more revenue and fewer hangups with the industry's leading predictive dialer software

NICE inContact CXone Personal Connection is a patented proactive predictive dialer that generates more revenue and fewer hang-ups. It gives your Inside Sales team an easier way to attain quota by connecting with more prospects every day, and helps your Customer Service team reduce inbound calls through personalized, low cost, and proactive outbound notifications.
Achieve a higher connect rate & list penetration
Reach your customers proactively with the right information
Preserve customer experience by keeping agents connected
Complete more connections & increase quota attainment
Eliminate the awkward pause with patented dialing technology
Predictive Dialer Features
Connect at the first hello
Set the right tone and connect with more customers in less time.
  • No more awkward pause
  • Decreased hang-ups
  • Patented predictive dialing
  • Continuously updated dialing lists


Increase revenue
Get the most revenue out of your dialing lists and retain your best employees by helping them attain quota.
  • Review info with preview dialing
  • Handle destinations though serial record recovery
  • Create new campaigns with easy-to-follow wizards
  • Pull updated records with Proactive XS


Communicate proactively
Reach customers proactively through low cost channels, like SMS and agentless dialing, with personalized, timely communication
  • Reduce the need for inbound calls
  • Prioritize most important work first
  • Adjust work order to meet internal goals
  • Create one experience for agents through My Agent eXperience - MAX


Comply with confidence
NICE inContact offers the right capabilities and expert services to help you define your compliance needs and reach your goals.
  • Utilize partnership with Gryphon, a top compliance company
  • Stay up to date with changing compliance landscape
  • Disable predictive dialing to comply with TCPA
  • Manual dial option


What our Customers Say
"CXone Personal Connection has been a life saver, and it’s revolutionized our business. It’s enabled us to reduce our headcount from close to 400 agents to 250 – that’s a 38% reduction – just by moving to a fully blended environment."

Jan van Dalen
Director of Information Technology

Hoverbound testimonial
What is Call Center Software?
Call Center Software is a suite of tools that enable organizations to handle customer issues from any channel, improve the performance of their agents, analyze data, and achieve their customer experience goals. Most modern software platforms include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, workforce management and optimization, a dialer for outbound communications, integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, multichannel queues to handle different kinds of customer communications, and reporting.