Contact center integrations
with Jive by LogMeIn

CXone UCaas Integrations

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Seamless collaboration between contact center agents and experts in the organization

NICE inContact CXone UCaaS Integrations are pre-built adapters connecting the contact center to LogMeIn UC tools such as Jive, facilitating expert access through video and collaboration bringing together the two platforms in a unified agent interface.


Drive cross-functional productivity, agent satisfaction and improved KPIs such as First Call Resolution and Average Hold time through instant engagement using both tools in a single agent interface.


Intelligent contact routing ensures agents collaborating internally through UC show unavailable for contact handling, resulting in reduced average hold time and improved CSAT.




 UC and agent desktop without jumping back and forth between applications
One login for all tools and interfaces, creating seamless agent experience 
With knowledge workers and SMEs across the organization
Beyond the confines of the contact center
IT costs with a pre-built, well-tested solution
Benefits of Jive by LogMeIn integration with CXone
The entire organization, reachable with 1 click 

Resolve increasingly complex customer interactions by using single-click call, chat and email to reach anyone in the organization

  • Quickly connect with knowledge workers for assistance outside of the normal resolution flow
  • Easy click-to-dial functions support warm hand-offs to SMEs
  • Higher FCR rates,  fewer failed transfers to or consult attempts
UCaaS & CCaaS, integration done right

A single, integrated agent view for handling calls and communicating within the entire organization

  • Get better insight into  contacts within the organization from the contact center agent interface
  • Quickly collaborate using voice, video and chat
  • Improve the agent experience, which in turn boosts customer satisfaction
We pre-build, so you don’t have to

Reduce both costs involved in building a custom integration, as well as speeding up time to deployment

  • Maintain a familiar cloud environment using the same tools, integrated seamlessly together
  • Remain in control with customizations to map users, create rules and apply business attributes
  • Simplify the UCaaS/CCaaS puzzle through simple licensing, scalability, and low capital expenditure