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Quality Monitoring Software

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Use quality monitoring & management software to align customer expectations and agent performance

NICE inContact CXone Quality Management is an easy-to-use, full featured quality monitoring solution; enabling operations to improve the customer and agent experience. With an agent-centric approach, this offering includes screen and call recording, agent self-evaluations, automated feedback and work flows – all creating an effective balance between operational requirements and agent empowerment.


Evaluate more interactions
per agent with
less effort


Achieve your NPS,
CSAT, CES and other
key quality


Increase agents'
ownership and


Reduce administration
and maintenance


Improve the customer
experience by gaining a
complete understanding of
their journey

Industry-leading quality management software


Improve the customer experience

Understand your customers’ experiences and where they can be improved with an easy-to -use evaluation and review process.

  • Custom evaluation forms
  • Play back calls and screen recordings
  • Ensure consistent call scoring
  • Find the best interactions

Improve the agent experience

Happy agents create happy customers, and engaged agents reduce attrition.

  • Let agents critique themselves
  • Easy access to feedback
  • Create a library of best practices
  • Develop arbitration workflows

Ensure processes work

Improve both operational results and the customer experience by identifying where faulty processes are getting in the way.

  • Identify customer pain points
  • Speech analytics and customer surveys
  • Reduce process failures

Manage everything in one place

Reduce administration and maintenance efforts and improve reliability with an all-in-one solution.

  • Eliminate synschronization issues
  • Minimize setup and configuration
  • Play back calls and desktop recordings
Customer Testimonial

What our Customers Say

"With CXone Quality Management, everyone is using the same system which has positively impacted productivity. It’s much easier to locate specific calls, and we can more easily compare quality results across locations."

Doug Klees
Head of Customer Care 
MoneyGram International

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call center software demo

What is Call Center Quality Monitoring?

Quality Monitoring Software enables organizations to review and capture customer interactions and coach their team upon areas to improve. Modern Quality Management solutions focus on the agent experience and engagement to ensure they are a focal point of the quality management process. Key features should include; customizable evaluation forms, an agent self-evaluation process, evaluation processes for all channels, and the ability to review a screen recording of the agents’ desktop during their customer interaction. A complete solution will be integrated with all components of the Workforce Optimization suite such as Workforce Management, Performance Management and Customer Feedback Surveys.

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