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CXOne Call Center Software

Identifies root cause and trends across 100% of customer interactions

CXone Interaction Analytics Pro is an AI powered omnichannel reporting and analytics tool that Identifies root cause and trends across 100% of customer interactions and delivers insights through the full customer journey to guide measurable improvements to increase customer satisfaction, detect risk and compliance issues and identify training opportunities to improve operational efficiency. Interaction Analytics Pro Identifies sentiment to find trouble areas and detects emotions as a predictor of NPS and performance measurement, all in a single, unified view, and without the help of a data scientist. It empowers agents and enables all business users to uncover insights that impact customer experience.  

Enhance the customers omnichannel experience


Improve First Contact Rate across all channels


Retain customers by detecting dissatisfaction


Identify non-compliance actions


Develop coaching topics for agents

Industry-leading contact center analytics

Improve every customer's experience
Improve your customers’ omnichannel experiences - Analyze every interaction to understand what transpired, identify outcomes, and evaluate the customer experience.


  • Drive continuous improvement
  • Enable proactive issue resolution
  • Pinpoint problematic customer interactions
  • Analyze 100% of your interactions


Systematically target business KPI Improvements
Pinpoint where opportunities for improvement exist across all contact channels and create real improvement that sticks
  • Prioritize and attack the most frequent or costly improvement opportunities
  • Increase results across all contact channels by gaining visibility into performance of digital channels.
  • Provide transparency and accountability with data access and to all users
  • Develop specific coaching and training topics for agent improvement
Detect Risk and Compliance Issues
Detect non-compliant actions in near real time and resolve them proactively before issues escalate.


  • Enhance precision of compliance monitoring
  • Pinpoint when agents are out of compliance
  • Investigate potential compliance issues
  • Identify suspicious or inappropriate conversations


What our Customers Say

"Because of the analytics and the measurements we have with NICE inContact, we've noticed considerable improvements...We're close to 70 percent first-contact resolution...and ...our customer satisfaction is over 98 percent across our contact centers.“

Jay Baucom 
Senior Vice President of Global Operations and CIO 
Alphanumeric Systems 


What is Call Center Software?
Call Center Software is a suite of tools that enable organizations to handle customer issues from any channel, improve the performance of their agents, analyze data, and achieve their customer experience goals. Most modern software platforms include automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, workforce management and optimization, a dialer for outbound communications, integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, multichannel queues to handle different kinds of customer communications, and reporting.

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