ABCD Methodology: Our Stress-free Implementation Process

We’re not ones for leaving things to chance, especially when it comes to customizing and configuring a contact center. That’s why we used our experience from over 1200 cloud implementations to create the ABCD Methodology. It’s an air-tight process for getting your contact center up and running quickly with minimal worry and stress

The ABCD Methodology has four phases:

  1. Align – This is the most critical phase with project kick-off, defining objectives, determining roles and responsibilities, and determining business requirements.
  2. Build - During this phase, your inContact solution is configured to your business requirements and inContact and customer acceptance testing occurs.
  3. Connect –Telecom, and if necessary, data connectivity to the inContact cloud is secured and tested. Integration to external systems also happens in this phase.  
  4. Deploy – Final preparations are made for your go-live date including final testing and end user training. 

Throughout these phases, our Professional Services team makes sure you’re receiving timely communications about project status, potential or current issues, schedule updates, and other important notifications. 

What Our Customers Say
“[ Our inContact implementation engineer ] was phenomenal, absolutely fantastic. His knowledge, coordination, communication, and responsiveness were all 100%.”

–TelNet Worldwide

“This was as painless an implementation as I have ever been a part of, and I have been involved in some major implementations over my years.”

-Nautilus Hyosung America