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3 Keys to Building Customer Engagement - Connect Automate Iterate

According to Gartner’s report, Bridge Silos of Customer Engagement, or Risk Killing Your customer Experience, “Customer engagement is frequently delivered in silos, even though this is a known, significant customer experience issue. While the silos generally can't be knocked down, ... they can be bridged at three critical points: user experience, process and data”. The traditional contact center organization has the greatest opportunity to transform its silos into the enterprise epicenter for customer interaction. Capabilities such as automation, analytics, workflow and verification have the ability to transform agent, customer and enterprise operations. Frontline brand ambassadors will increasingly face complex challenges engaging customers with the right data at the right time to provide the right experience. It has never been more important to focus on empowering the frontline. Historically, contact center technologies were intended to empower agents, but required managing multiple applications and time-consuming training to master the endless system and customer nuances. To achieve any degree of agent empowerment, repeatable process workflows were built to fit technology, and usually with the support of a specialist, consultancy or pro-services staff. If Gartner’s predictions ring true, contact centers have the opportunity to transform the enterprise to become the customer experience (CX) hub. Contact centers must swiftly on-board new capabilities and channels – a daunting task that makes rapid ROI prohibitive with the traditional contact center technology approach. This demands an agile and frictionless CX environment that connects and automates existing and new applications across the ecosystem – allowing iterative and real-time process design without ripping and replacing existing systems. Whether you need to on-board the latest digital channel or integrate and automate back office processes for a more seamless agent and customer experience, SpiceCSM can assist you wherever you are on your journey to evolve to a customer experience hub. SpiceCSM provides the building blocks to Connect, Automate and Iterate across your existing and evolving customer experience infrastructure.


SpiceCSM provides the data connectors that allow you to design processes across systems and applications including cloud apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Through agile design and deployment – independent of costly third-party integrators and consultants – SpiceCSM immediately impacts your top and bottom line.


SpiceCSM also allows you to automate processes that are high-volume and have multiple application touchpoints. Integrations with valued partners like inContact, leverage feeds of information that drive real-time, personalized actions and responses for your customers.

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Enterprises often start with a departmental instance of SpiceCSM and adopt an iterative approach to process design and automation, uncovering additional opportunities across their customer-centric enterprise. The days of technology-driven process design are over. Partnering with SpiceCSM allows you to keep pace with customer and business demands by allowing you to Connect, Automate and Iterate – without ripping and replacing existing investments. SpiceCSM is a premiere inContact partner enabling the evolution of the customer experience hub. Founded by practical contact center professionals, SpiceCSM was built to simplify overly complex processes inherent in customer engagement. Unlike our larger cloud application competitors, SpiceCSM is designed for easy integration and quick, adaptable process flow development across specialized applications. Contact SpiceCSM to discuss where you are on your journey to the Customer Experience Hub and find out how we can help accelerate your vision. Are you going to be an Industry First Mover or a marginalized laggard? Stop by SpiceCSM’s booth at the 2016 inContact User Conference on October 11-13 in Orlando, Florida. SpiceCSM is a Platinum Sponsor and will be located in the Solutions Lounge where you can demo our integration platform and learn how to connect, automate and iterate. Register today! *Bridge Silos of Customer Engagement, or Risk Killing Your Customer Experience, Gene Phifer, August 3, 2016.