A Matter of Trust

Crossing the Chasm by Geoffrey A. Moore discusses how new technology is adopted. It explains that the first group to use a new technology is the ‘Early Adopters’. These are the people that love to try new things. They are comfortable with risk. They are the ones that ‘break it in’ and are invaluable in the process of working out the kinks. But they are also on the fringe. They typically represent a tiny percentage of a market.

The bulk of the users are not so disposed to taking risk. They want to see and use a product that has very few kinks, with established SLA’s or levels of performance. Reliability is their mantra. They won’t use a product until they can trust it with their most valuable asset, their customers. At inContact we recognize how important that trust is. But trust does not come just because someone says ‘Trust me’. Trust comes from seeing, hearing and experiencing.

That said, I would like to introduce the inContact Trust Office which I am now in charge of. Its mission is two fold. First, is to promote improved availability through better processes, tools and methods. Improving system performance improves customer experience and that is a good thing. The second mission is communication; communication to our customers and to our prospective customers. That communication mission also includes communications between teams within inContact, breaking down the walls between departments so the entire organization is even more effective.

We know that our customers depend on us to serve in the vital role of handling their communications. It is our company goal to be the worldwide leader of SaaS contact center solutions. In the coming months you will begin to see and have access to more information about what inContact is doing to earn your business, to earn your Trust.