Bruce Temkin to Speak at ICUC 2010

In my previous blog post, I introduced the first of the two amazing customer service-focused keynote speakers we’ll have at ICUC this year. I’m now pleased to introduce you to Bruce Temkin.

Bruce is practically a household name when it comes to transforming the customer experience. Prior to founding the Temkin Group this year, Bruce was Vice President & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research focusing on customer experience. For his last few years at Forrester, he was the company’s most-read analyst for 13 consecutive quarters.

Bruce  published many of Forrester’s most popular research reports on customer experience including “Experience-Based Differentiation,” “The Customer Experience Journey,” “Customer Experience Boosts Revenue.” He also created Forrester’s Customer Experience Index that ranks more than 100 US companies, as well as Forrester’s “Voice of the Customer Award.”

His goal is to help large organizations dramatically improve business results by simply rethinking how they deal with customers.  Bruce provides long-term strategies and solutions for companies to become more customer-centric, and as a result, more profitable.  Instead of focusing on improving customer interaction in isolated areas, he helps companies create an all-encompassing customer-service embedded culture. At the end of the day, his company’s goal is to “accelerate the path to delighting customers.”

Bruce shares amazing insights into the customer experience through his blog, “Experience Matters.”

ICUC ’10 attendees will find Bruce’s extensive knowledge and customer service insight incredibly invaluable and worthwhile. You definitely won’t want to miss Bruce at this year’s conference in September!  See you there!