Harris Poll Infographic

Consumer Expectations Increasing Many Willing to Switch Brands

In today’s hyper-modern world, consumers have unlimited choices when making purchases. Whether it's researching products or brands, consumers have much more to think about when shopping online. Consumers’ expectations have increased dramatically because of companies like Amazon, Starbucks and Apple, just to name a few. Competition in the market is higher than ever and these companies are rising to the challenge by offering a personalized and seamless omnichannel experience. This unified customer journey experience is noted among consumers and becomes the norm expectancy for other brands. If your customer journey doesn’t meet those standards, consumers are going to move on to the next best thing!

The findings from our recent Harris Poll research show consumers will pay more for a good service reputation, but they will even more readily switch brands after a bad service experience. It’s vital that companies recognize these expectations and begin making changes to enhance their customer journey process. Nine in ten say companies need to work harder to provide a good customer experience than they have in the past.

To improve customer experiences and strengthen customer loyalty, companies leverage customer analytics and business intelligence. But, our research shows that contact center agents are the critical lynchpin in the customer journey. Keep your customers happy by properly training your agents on providing a seamless experience and stay ahead of the curve.

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