Customer Story: Swisslog Healthcare Keeps 247 Service Available to Hospitals

Swisslog Healthcare provides round-the-clock service to over 3,000 hospitals. Their company designs, develops and delivers best-in-class automation solutions for health systems, warehouses and distribution centers. About 80% of North American hospitals use Swisslog pneumatic tube systems or pharmacy automation solutions. In this time-sensitive environment, the contact center’s ability to efficiently respond to emergencies is critical.

Ready for Innovation

When a snow storm hit their Colorado office, Swisslog realized they needed to have more flexibility for their Network Operations Center agents to work remotely. They also needed more reliable uptime than the premise-based system they were using alongside their own servers.

If we had . . . a snowstorm and people couldn't get to the office, we were effectively down and weren't helping our customers immediately.” Joshua Elliot | Network Operations Center Manager, Swisslog Healthcare

Moving to the Cloud

They quickly began the search for a cloud-based contact center solution to keep service available to their hospital clients 24/7, 365 days a year. In just a few months, Swisslog had implemented inContact and had all agents using soft phones. When a snow storm struck again, they were ready.

We had a similar [snow storm] and I was able to have uninterrupted service for our customers the whole time, just by having agents either stay at home or log in from mobile devices, or wherever they were available.” Joshua Elliot

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Apart from uninterrupted service, Swisslog is making improvements throughout all areas of the customer experience.

We can leverage all the metrics and data we get from the system,” said Elliot. “We've been able to establish a tiered support, which we didn't have before. We've been able to create more effective 365-day coverage that we didn't have before.”

Positive Business Outcomes for Swisslog Healthcare

    • Enabled a tiered support process and reduced wait time by 30%
    • Improved staffing quality by having the ability to hire remote agents
    • Provides uninterrupted service for customers
    • Ability to leverage all metrics in order to make data-driven decisions
    • Reduced training time for agents

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