Happy Customer Service Week!

I can’t believe it's “Customer Service Week” again. For me, every week is Customer Service Week, and we should always be looking at our interactions with customers. We should be recognizing our Customer Service teams (and the entire organization) every week; and ensure they have the skills, training and KNOWLEDGE to deliver a good customer experience.

As Donald Porter quotes, “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.”

What makes customer experience good? There are several factors, but the key indicators are as follows:

1. Know your product – Know what products/service you are offering back to front. In other words, be an information expert. It is okay to say "I don't know," but it should always be followed up by "but I will sure find out!” Whatever the situation may be, make sure that you don't leave your customer with an unanswered question.


2. Body Language/Communication – Most of the communication that we relay to others is done through body language. If we have negative body language when we interact with others it can show our lack of care. Two of the most important parts of positive body language are smiling and eye contact. Make sure to look your customers in the eye. It shows that we are listening to them, not at them. And then of course smiling is just more inviting than someone who has a blank look on their face. Make sure that a customer you are talking to on the phone hears that smile in your voice.

3. Anticipate Guest Needs – Nothing surprises your customer more than an employee going the extra mile to help them. Always look for ways to serve your customer more than they expect. In doing so it helps them to know that you care and it will leave them with the "Feel Good Factor" that everyone is searching for.

So as you recognize your Customer Service Teams this week, please remember that it takes the entire company to deliver the customer experience and don’t forget the rest of the Team it takes to WIN!