Helping Contact Centers Better Serve Their Customers

We’ve all been there, those waning moments before a presentation or a meeting where you have to cram, create, or calculate some last minute bits of information.  The following is my recollection of one such situation that provided me with an “aha” or “light-bulb” moment that gave me complete satisfaction from my job. A job in which I help contact centers better serve their customers and be completely relevant to their business.

Recently, I was sitting with a customer on the afternoon of  their inContact launch. The buyer said, “I have a meeting this afternoon and need to present what we have today with inContact that we didn’t have yesterday.” The meeting was in fact, taking place in 10 minutes. We quickly sat down with paper and pen and proceeded to put down what immediately came to mind.  We focused on problems the client had and the immediate solution that inContact provided.

A prime example answers this simple question; What happens when a caller becomes disconnected or hangs up on a sales or reservation line? Before inContact, this client had no ability to reach out to these customers. With inContact the client was able to track abandoned calls with ANI (Automatic Number Identification) and call the customer back. Utilizing ANI further, the client also had the ability to implement CTI (computer telephony integration) so, not only could the client call back the disconnected customer, but also be able to address them, such as, “This is Suzie, how may I help you Ms. Smith?” with ANI information appearing in a screen pop.

We continued the brain storming session and the following list demonstrates the list of other benefits inContact provided to the client that they didn't have before;

  • Networked call center enables implied disaster recovery, i.e. other centers can take calls
  • Callback-queuing feature that reduces hold-time for customers
  • Call recording, no more "he said, she said"
  • Call flow scripting changes can be made by the business instead of IT
  • 'Coach, whisper & barge' in-call features
  • Route chats & emails based on skill to the right agent

All of the above helped to better represent this client to their customers via customer service interactions. Knowing I can positvely effect not only inContact's clients but our clients' clients gives me the abiltiy, everyday, to sit back and say, "Wow! I've got a great job!"