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IT Support For Cloud Solutions

It’s interesting to see how IT personnel react to Cloud solutions like inContact. Some folks embrace it with open arms and others sit on the sideline with arms folded, considering how they can foil the business' attempt to migrate to the "Cloud". Of course there are a lot of people in between. Recently I was at a new...
Call Center Agents

Implementation Bliss

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and I find that it’s often the little things that make a first impression really memorable. We have a proven methodology for the implementation process with new customers, and it’s my good fortune to be a part of that process and see the small...

Helping Contact Centers Better Serve Their Customers

We’ve all been there, those waning moments before a presentation or a meeting where you have to cram, create, or calculate some last minute bits of information. The following is my recollection of one such situation that provided me with an “aha” or “light-bulb” moment that gave me complete satisfaction from my job. A job in which...

Nortel Symposium ACD

We continue to offer Nortel Symposium users a plethora of 21st century functionality to proactively manage their customer interactions by moving them to the inContact Cloud. Overnight there is easy call recording with instanteous access via a wide variety of search criteria! Skills based routing with 5 levels of proficiencies. Did I mention the...