Honeywell Transforms Its Business with the CXone Solution

As a multi-industry manufacturing company, Honeywell develops solutions around energy and efficiency. The company determined that customer experience excellence could be the catalyst for many of the business transformations it wanted to achieve.

Honeywell not only established customer experience as a top priority but made it a corporate initiative. And the business focuses on making it easy for customers to do business with the company and on creating customer experiences that are memorable.

Making every customer experience count is no easy feat for a company that has over 200 contact center locations and 4,000 agents around the globe. However, moving to NICE inContact — and the cloud — has enabled Honeywell to elevate its customer service to a whole new level.

“The NICE inContact solution has transformed our ability to support our diverse contact center environment,” says Brett Hecker, Vice President, Customer and Commercial Enablement. “The cloud architecture allows us to deploy virtual call centers across multiple physical sites without any hardware.”

With the CXone cloud-based platform, the Honeywell team now has the ability to quickly see if something is going wrong and then quickly address it. Standardization across the solution enables contact center teams to provide better and more consistent support and to meet customers’ expectations for a smooth and efficient interaction. Because agents know who is calling and what they need, customers get the answers they’re looking for in just one call.

CXone has opened a variety of doors — not the least of which is coaching. Monitoring in real time and taking advantage of reporting through the dashboards has made everyone’s job easier, which in turn, enables team members to continue to fine-tune their performance.

Customers definitely are noticing. “We have seen an uptick of about 10 to 15 points in net satisfaction scores across the HPS team year to date,” says Edwin van den Maagdenberg, Vice President, Customer Experience Excellence. “We’re going to continue to increase our Net Promoter [Score] and first-contact resolution for our customers.”