How do Happy Contact Center Agents Make Happy Customers

By now you probably know that consumers are demanding multichannel customer service and support from contact centers. As they increasingly use text, social, mobile and other emerging channels (in addition to the more traditional ones like voice, chat and email), they’re expecting the brands they do business with to do the same.

Responding to evolving customer communications habits and preferences means nothing short of full multichannel capability for contact centers. But it also raises important questions: What happens to agent performance and productivity in a multichannel environment? And what about contact center efficiency and ROI?

The central issues, though, are rooted in the fact that the agent is the key driver of customer experiences.  In other words, happy agents make happy customers.

To be sure, multichannel contact centers have their challenges. But they’re not insurmountable—far from it. Believe it or not, moving to a multichannel environment can actually improve agent and customer engagement and satisfaction, not to mention operational efficiency and productivity.  In fact, according to The Agent Experience in the Multichannel World, a recent study conducted by ICMI, there are clear linkages between engagement, experience and operational efficiency.

Providing exceptional multichannel experiences depends on a strong commitment to agent engagement and training; investment in new technologies; and the wise use of metrics. In our upcoming panel discussion, we’ll review more of the ICMI research, as well as best practices and tips for adding multichannel capability. And, we’ll explore the role that agent tools and technology play in meeting the needs of multichannel customers, on-demand agents, and contact centers whose resources are always stretched.

Panel Discussion in Houston, TX

March 27, 2014 - 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.


Madelyn Gengelbach

Director, Market Intelligence


Sarah Stealey Reed

Content Editor


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