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How the Cloud Helps BPOs Reduce Costs

Back in my Call Center Management Days, I remember waiting days, sometimes weeks for my IT Department to provide me with logins for my new employees.

My billing model was as such that I got paid from my client for every minute my agent was on the phone talking to a customer. As you can see, having my agents sitting around, not able to log on to the phone was a huge cost that I took on. At times it would cost me an additional $3-$5k, just waiting for logins. This was in addition to my recruiting and training costs.

Have you ever had to wait for your local IT to assign login credential to your new employees and waited 1-2 weeks after training? It’s frustrating that something that seems so controllable can have such an impact to your profit margins. Since being introduced to the cloud (Specifically inContact) I have seen how the cloud gives you more power than ever to control costs. With inContact you have the full functionality to add agents/users same day, no more waiting weeks to get logins, hence increasing your bottom line by getting your agents on the phones as soon as “YOU” are ready.