In a Fraction of a Second Things Can Change

My wife and I have family in Arizona and we spent Christmas there this year.  Returning home to Salt Lake City, we had to drive through many hours of snow and bad weather.  I drive a Chevy Silverado with 4-wheel drive which I normally use when driving in bad weather.  While driving up I-15 near Beaver Utah, the freeway became icy but I did not think it was that icy, so I did not engage the 4-wheel drive, opting to stay in 2-wheel drive because the mileage is better (think cheap here).  I encountered some ice and in a fraction of a second found that the back end of my truck was trying to pass the front end of my truck.  I had a moment to tell my wife that we were in trouble, and then we shot off the freeway at about 50 mph, down an embankment, through some sage and scrub, missed a cedar tree and bounced to a halt a few yards from a barbed wire fence.  I was delighted to find that we were still alive and that my truck was undamaged.  I put it in 4-wheel drive, and drove back up on to the freeway, and went home.  The lesson taken is this.  I had resources, I had the ability to use 4-wheel drive and had I done so, I probably would have been fine. Instead, I chose to save a few gallons of gas and I endangered my life and my wife’s life.  This was a major oops!   If I may make the analogy, inContact has many 4-wheel drive features that can be used to ensure traction in your contact delivery. 

Failing to utilize those resources would be a major oops!

Here are some ideas that can put your contact center in 4-wheel drive.

  • Port checking with email notifications when you near MAX Ports
  • The ability to check on and react to changes in queue depths
  • Sending an alerting email if no agents are logged in
  • Writing in logic for alternate call flows during problems
  • Callbacks for high volume conditions or problems in reaching agents
  • The ability to set up remote or at home agents in the event your primary call center is inaccessible
  • The ability to document your script
  • Redundant T1 options

This is a quick list of features that can change your contact center from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive and keep you on the road, handling contacts.  Contact your CSM and see if our Business Analysts can help create more.

I thought my road conditions were ‘safe enough’ and that I would have time to adjust.  I was wrong, and I was very lucky to have survived that. Someone in that same area that day was killed on those icy roads.  Don’t rely on ’luck’.  Use the resources that inContact can provide today, to harden your contact center against dangerous ‘road’ conditions that could change in a fraction of a second.