It Works!

Editor’s Note: As we wrap up 2010, I wanted to share some of our favorite blog posts from the past year. We’ll be back with new content on January 4. This post by Heather Hurst first ran on October 6.

Customers like it when you hear what they have to say. They like it when you favorably respond to a call, chat or email into your call center, and they really like it when hear what they're saying on social media. Why? A couple of reasons: first, social media is new and not every company is participating in it. That makes any response via social media an unexpected surprise. Second, social media is largely a passive means of communication. You have to go out and search for what people are saying in most cases. When you respond to a social media post, it shows you cared enough to find it. USA Today recently wrote about a few companies that are taking social media customer service to heart. Read more >>