It's 2010 and Time to Shake Things Up

2010 and a new year is beginning and it seems like a good time to discuss paradigms.  A paradigm can be described as a philosophical or theoretical framework of any kind, the way that we view world around us if you will.   I had a real life demonstration of this once, where a series of playing cards was flashed on a screen for 1/30th of a second, long enough for me to identify the card.  They flashed various cards, an 8 of diamonds, a 3 of spades, etc, and I was asked to identify what was wrong or appeared out of place.   I did not notice anything out of place, until they told me what they had changed.  They had changed the colors of several of the cards.  The 8 of diamonds was black, and the 3 of spades was red.  The reason that I failed to notice the changes in the colors of the cards was because in my mind, I had established that on a set of playing cards, diamonds were red and spades were black, and when I was presented with cards that did not fit my paradigm, my mind automatically ‘corrected’ the colors of the cards.  In this example, we see how our paradigms can mislead us.  That said, paradigms are powerful systems of thought that also help us to more quickly identify and assimilate concepts.  Our paradigms can be both beneficial and harmful.   I am a strong believer in change and that we periodically need to inspect our course and practices.

That brings me to inContact.  InContact in many ways is a Disruptive Technology.   A Disruptive Technology is one that is able to fundamentally alter the way that something is done in such a radical fashion that it totally changes the way that thing is done or viewed.  InContact is doing that in the contact center world as it challenges and changes the technology, design, services and even the work environment of contact centers.  If you have never considered a hosted contact center solution, I would invite you to do so.  And if you are currently using inContacts’ hosted contact center solution, I invite you to still take a second look at your business model.  As I began initially, review your operational paradigms, spend some time brainstorming new ways to operate, new services to offer, new methods of managing your employees and then talk to your inContact Customer Service Manager or one of our Business Analysts and see if in 2010, inContact can change your paradigms and open up new opportunities.