New ways to help Employee Absenteeism Tardiness and Attrition

Employee attendance and turnover is a continual problem. Many companies are reporting annual turnover above 300 percent, while the costs to hire and train a new employee range from $5,000 to $15,000. We have all experienced the trend, employees starting with tardiness, then absenteeism, soon after they are no longer with the company. What different methods have you used to improve this in your call center? Let me guess, the first question you ask is, why people are leaving? Just by asking this you are assuming there is something wrong with your Call Center and that people are quitting because of this. Yes, there may be some opportunity to improve internal working conditions, but let's focus on something else. Let's try a new approach that has proven to work and find out why people are staying. This way you can look at the profile of your new candidates to ensure they fit in with the current culture. In fact, there was research done by a social scientist, Patricia Cain Smith. The basic conclusion of her work was there is no such thing as an inherently bad job; rather, there are people who don't adapt well to certain types of tasks. Focus on what you do well and adapt new employees to your culture, you will see a change in your attendance and turnover.