Reduce Repetition with an Omnichannel Customer Experience


Watch first-hand how the customer experience differs for customers using a traditional, multi-channel routing customer service solution, compared to a true omnichannel customer experience in this video.

Follow the twins, Jimmy and Johnny, to see for yourself what happens as each of them tries to execute a quite mundane task: reschedule a service appointment for their cars.

The differences are striking:

  • Jimmy has to patiently wait on hold, whereas Johnny’s call is picked up immediately.
    Data-driven routing improves the customer experience right away.
  • One twin can switch between different channels during the course of his interaction, whenever needed to, the other one – not so much.
    Seamless Omnichannel Session Handling makes all the difference in quickly resolving the customer request at the first attempt.
  • Jimmy has to explain his request to multiple agents, multiple times; Johnny does not.
    An intuitive agent interface that provides the service representative with all the customer data and interaction history reduces customer effort while speeding up resolution.
  • While Johnny arrives in time for their mother’s birthday party, Jimmy (unfortunately) does not.
    At a time when one third of your customers will consider switching companies after a single bad customer experience, the financial impact of poor customer service cannot be underestimated.
  • There’s impact for the agents, too, of course: Anna enjoys working with a modern, intuitive interface, both in the office, and from the home; her twin sister Doris is less lucky.

And so on, and so forth. Take a look for yourself – while you will learn a lot about the advantages of Omnichannel Routing, and how they will help you improve the customer experience –  and you may also get a couple of chuckles out of this video, enjoy!