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Sell the Value of Data Insights to the C-Suite

A comprehensive Workforce Optimization (WFO) solution is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity that gives the contact center the flexibility, agility, and power required to optimize agent performance while responding to customer needs quickly and effectively. The key to unlocking this power is the insight provided by data analytics.

There are three primary points to cover when selling the value of data insights to the C-suite:

  1. Outline the functionality and benefits of using analytics
  2. Provide clear examples of how these benefits translate into financial value
  3. Show the Return on Investment (ROI) in both quantitative and qualitative terms

Beginning with the functionality and benefits; the insights gleaned from data analytics are extremely valuable to creating an efficient and intelligent contact center. Each customer interaction is a potential treasure trove of information that, when properly analyzed and disseminated, will enable your contact center to make the leap from a “cost center” to a revenue contributor. Keyword mining, trend analysis and targeted quality management (QM), can unleash the full power of your contact center data and provide key insights into your contact center operations.

With the integration of data analytics, a core contact center platform with a robust WFO suite has the potential to develop into a fully automated Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center. Workforce-Intelligence delivers the optimized WFO data back to the Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) / Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, allowing for automated skill and prioritization adjustments in the contact center, automatically scale services up or down based on real-time analytics reporting and adjust call volume through the ACD to ensure the customer is connected with the agent best suited to address their issue.

Beyond the understanding of what the data insights of WFO can do, it is important to translate the functionality into results. First Call Resolution (FCR) is a metric all contact centers are looking to improve. Leading contact centers are taking the next big step by using data analytics through their WFO solution to refine their processes. This, in turn, improves FCR and leads to a better return on investment by reducing operating costs, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing sales opportunities.

At this point, little question remains as to whether data analytics through a powerful WFO system is a wise investment. Each customer interaction is an opportunity to learn, improve and evolve; and data analytics provides the gateway to an intelligent contact center. The only question remaining is from what platform should the WFO solution operate? Consider the end results of how your WFO-enabled contact center will operate. It will be flexible, adaptable, scalable and efficient. Therefore, it makes sense to operate from a symbiotic platform. Cloud contact center platforms are inherently versatile which make them ideal for the contact center in need of a scalable data analytics solution.

A comprehensive WFO solution provides valuable data that enables companies and their contact centers to become more competitive and deliver even higher-quality customer interactions. Companies that are able to adapt to evolving customer and market dynamics will be best positioned to provide superior customer experiences. Through WFO intelligent data, contact centers have the potential to become strategic business partners, delivering excellence while contributing to bottom-line results.

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