David May recieves his Mojo Award during the Arabian Nights dinner at ICUC 2013. L to R Sarah McElwee, KMB Group; David May, Schumacher Group; Greg Ayers, inContact

Six Ways to be an Influential inContact Customer

David May recieves his Mojo Award during the Arabian Nights dinner at ICUC 2013. L to R Sarah McElwee, KMB Group; David May, Schumacher Group; Greg Ayers, inContact.

At the beginning of October, we presented seven contact centers with a coveted Mojo Award to celebrate their contact center success. Over the next few weeks, we’ll share some of their stories. (Pictured: L to R Sarah McElwee, KMB Group; David May, Schumacher Group; Greg Ayers, inContact.)

At ICUC 2013, The World Class Advocate Mojo Award was presented to David May, Director of the Contact Center at Schumacher Group, one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing health care resources that helps treat more than 4 million patients annually. From their home-base in Lafayette, Louisiana, they offer a wide range of services that help their partners put patients first. David and his team received the World Class Advocate Mojo Award for partnering with inContact to share their story with others as well as provide constructive and direct feedback to our internal teams.

Here are David’s tips on being influential and turning your vendor/client relationship with inContact into a true business partnership:

1) Know your story. Part of being an inContact champion is having the ability to articulate your contact center story to those you work with, both internally and externally. Track what happens in each phase of your journey and be able to share that information with the inContact team.

2) Build your community. Open the lines of communication with other inContact customers. Start talking with contact centers that use inContact and swap best practices or ideas. I have gotten some of my best ideas from something someone else did at their contact center. Jump on a phone call, meet up with them at an event or participate in a customer webinar. Having a strong network is crucial to success.

3) Stay informed. From monthly newsletters to education to product updates, there is a wealth of information available if you want to be in-the-know. Make sure you are using the resources that are provided to all inContact customers to maximize the impact on your contact center.

4) Provide constructive product feedback. Being an influencer means providing feedback on the products you use and your customer experience. I am a member of the beta testing program for Personal Connection as well as the inContact Visionary and Advisory Council (iCVC). Ask your Customer Success team about the opportunities.

5) Share your contact center story. When we were deciding whether to select inContact, we wanted to hear real-life stories from current customers. Now that I am an inContact customer, I help other companies determine if the solution is a good fit for their organization. I act as a reference, speak at events on topics like employee engagement and participate in video interviews on continuous innovation and industry-related topics like the Affordable Care Act.

6) It’s a two-way street. In my experience, inContact has shown that they really are there to make us, inContact customers, look good. I want to foster that relationship by engaging at a higher level and making sure my voice is heard. I encourage you to do the same.

We want to congratulate David and The Schumacher Group for their recent Mojo Award win. Thank you for partnering with us to build the contact center of tomorrow – today.