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Successful CX is a Company Wide Initiative - Drive Meaningful Improvements in 2019

If you are like the other 100 customers I have spoken with over the last few months you are likely somewhere in the process of evaluating your customer experience (CX). That may mean you have initial awareness there is room for improvement, or you have already identified what improvements are needed, or maybe you have reached the stage where you are executing against a CX improvement plan. If that last point is you congratulations, you are in the minority!

Here’s what you likely already know: Successful CX is a company wide initiative! You can’t win a football game without strikers, defenders or a goalie, and you can’t deliver a successful CX without every member of the team on the field, and playing their position, all aiming for the same ultimate goal.  Winning! And the final score of a single game isn’t the only measure of success – it’s about executing for the entire season to take home the League Title. Yes, there are operational metrics that you can improve – like winning a game here and there. But it’s improving overall business KPI’s consistently that brings your team out on top overall. Metrics like customer effort, customer satisfaction and net promoter score, and ultimately hitting even larger metrics like customer lifetime value (CLV) so that you are getting more and more value out of each and every customer – because you are meeting their needs and they are continuing to spend more with you over time, and then are likely recommending you to their friends and colleagues.

Making a CX transformation is not a one-time exercise. It is iterative and incremental. Start using a maturity model (gauge the team skills and tools). Develop a playbook (set your strategy). Call the plays you need, when you need them (execute and measure results).

We are going to show you these tools and help you understand CX maturity and where you sit today. Join us at Customer Strategy and Planning 2019. It’s time to start filling your agenda now! So, schedule your personal demo and be sure to plan on attending our can't-miss speaking session that will help your organisation drive meaningful CX improvements in 2019 with the right game plan!

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