Tips and Tricks: Measuring Customer Satisfaction

Are your customers satisfied with their contact center service experience? Alan Clayton, Director, SBO Customer Service and Collection at Wellstar can answer that question with a resounding “yes.”

Wellstar, a not-for-profit health system, is recognized as a national leader in comprehensive care and serves more than one million residents of northwest Atlanta.  Their 53-seat call center handles hospital billing calls, physician billing calls, cardiovascular billing calls, and medical collection and customer service calls.

When Clayton and his team were initially deciding what metrics to utilize, they came to one conclusion: the caller matters most. “We want to make sure that patients are happy with the entire experience,” Clayton says.

They implemented a post-call survey with inContact’s ECHO Customer Satisfaction Feedback Survey tool. Every caller is given the option to participate. If they agree to take part in the survey, their phone number is collected and they are called after immediately after an interaction with Wellstar’s contact center. On a monthly basis, approximately 800 – 1,000 or 5% of their callers choose to participate. The caller is asked to rate five aspects of the call and respond on a scale of 1 – 5 (1 being the worst and 5 being the best):

  • Overall satisfaction with the call
  • Satisfaction with friendliness of the agent
  • Satisfaction with agent’s ability to understand your concerns
  • Satisfaction with agent’s level of knowledge
  • Was your question fully resolved (This is a Yes/No question.)

In the three years they’ve been utilizing ECHO, Clayton says they’ve learned quite a bit from the experience and now they have measurable results with continued improvement. For example, in that period of time they have jumped from a 70.3% call resolution rate to a 76.4% rate. Given the nature of their calls, these are strong results. To get the most from post-call surveys, Clayton suggests the following:

  • Determine what you want to know upfront
  • Make sure the flow of the ratings follow a logical pattern
  • Keep the survey consistent – do not change frequently
  • Let an agent listen to a call with a negative score and give them an opportunity to dispute the rating
  • Use ratings and the call recordings as coaching opportunities

Each time an agent receives a “very dissatisfied” rating, they receive an email alert. Letting agents know how they perform on the survey has been an effective tool. “They really work very hard not to get those types of ratings. As a result, the number of escalated calls has decreased as the staff really takes pride in delivering great service and getting those high ratings from the callers,” Clayton says.

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Note: This information is from the inContact webinar “Improve Customer Experience: Tips From Your Contact Center Peers and Experts.” Additional insight from the webinar will be shared next week.