What's in a name

I never realized how much I loved my name until I came to the Philippines.  Don’t get me wrong; the Filipinos are very polite but after about three days, I remember thinking to myself, and probably commenting to my family and friends, ‘If I hear the word, Ma’am again, I will scream!’  Those calling me “Ma’am” were friendly, and respectful, but it really started to bother me so I asked myself, WHY?

It didn’t take me long to realize that I really just wanted to hear my name.  Perhaps it was because I was in a foreign country where nobody really knew me, but when I heard someone say “Mrs. Anderson”, I immediately smiled.  I found myself returning to stores where they knew my name and greeted me with a friendly “Hello, Mrs. Anderson”.  I went to those stores even when I didn’t need to buy anything (and usually ended up buying something anyway!) just so I could hear my name.

What’s in a name and why is it important to your contact center?

In our world full of social media applications, there is an illusion that we are more connected, but in reality, we are wandering around in an electronic daze.  I believe hearing your name pulls you out of that daze, captures your attention, and fulfills that desire we have to feel connected to another human being. 

In the contact center environment, using your customer’s name not only pulls them out of their electronic daze momentarily, it also sends a message that you care about them, and their needs, as a person.  It fulfills their basic desire to feel connected and, when combined with respect for their time, will make a lasting impression which will compel them to become repeat customers for your business.