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3 Essential Ingredients to Digitally Transform Customer Service

3 Essential Ingredients to Digitally Transform Customer Service

In this video, the next in our series on Transforming Customer Experiences, Vit Horky, Sr. Director, Digital Experience, talks about the fundamental changes taking place in the customer service market as the result of newly arriving technologies and changes in consumer behaviors.
He discusses the increasing role technology plays in our lives and how artificial intelligence (AI), natural language processing (NLP) and robotic process automation (RPA) play in customer service.  He also outlines the increasing importance of digital channels in supporting customers via the channels they prefer.
Vit describes how technology like chatbots are driving greater efficiencies and cost savings for contact centers.  He nets out 3 key takeaways for customer service organizations:
1. Successful companies will drive new revenues and manage costs by moving customer service to digital channels
2. Human customer service workers need to reskill or risk losing their jobs to artificial intelligence (AI) and automation
3. Successful businesses need to leverage new messaging channels, chatbots and intelligent assists to digitally transform their customer service
After watching Vit, learn more by watching the on-demand webinar “Digital First Customer Service.”