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With contact center compliance getting more difficult, contact center managers seek solutions.

Avoiding the Mounting Contact Center Compliance Squeeze

Recent analyst research has proven that the job of staying compliant is only getting more difficult for contact centers. With demands ever-increasing, compliance managers and officers are growing more concerned with continuing ensuring contact center compliance while coping with limited budget and resources. Luckily, call center analytics software can help alleviate much of these compliance headaches.

Many organizations still rely on compliance managers to manually review a sample of call center interactions each day to identify compliance issues and problems.  They might catch a few calls a day where the agent forgot to give a Mini Miranda, did not verify they were speaking to the right party, or forgot to inform the customer they were being recorded – but the nature of sampling means they are going to miss reviewing most interactions. 

Each of those missed interactions represents a potential fine or lawsuit.  By implementing an Interaction Analytics solution,  contact centers can review and analyze 100% of interactions, quickly detecting any potential risk or compliance issues. An Artificial Intelligence powered speech and text analytics tool can automatically tag interactions that contain violations and bring them to the forefront. The best analytics software provides the ability to create custom rules that look for non-compliant speech, like threatening to imprison a person if they do not pay their debt, as well as rules that identify interactions WITHOUT necessary disclosures, like failing to identify themselves as a debt collector to the customer.

The ability to quickly identify agents with repeat violations provides opportunities for more efficient training and coaching. It also recognizes which teams are most adherent and which teams are struggling, providing insight into where managers and coaches themselves need more training. In the case of compliance, coaching and training is not just about improving performance, it is about avoiding costly fines. 

Contact center analytics software also identifies customers who pose potential risk to the organization by automatically identifying interactions where the customer is making threats, such as threatening to sue, threatening to report to BBB, etc.,  or where the customer uses language that indicates they may pose a legal hazard. You can also identify trending product and consumer issues that may represent a hazard to the company, for example a trend indicating a battery is catching on fire.

With contact center analytics, help is on the way. See what it can do for you.