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Basic Research Builds B2C Business with Custom CRM Integration

As a major wholesale distributor and direct-to-consumer seller of dietary, and health and beauty products, Basic Research was using a variety of contact center technologies that didn’t always work well together. But by switching to NICE CXone call center software, the company has sharpened and expanded its customer intelligence, empowered its call center agents with better information and streamlined the entire customer experience. What’s more, it has reduced the number of call center software applications and streamlined its infrastructure—from eight segregated systems to two cloud-based integrated system—and eliminated the need for 12 servers in its data center.

In addition to its core B2B business distributing 60 million products to retail outlets worldwide, Basic Research continues to build a thriving B2C business: Consumers order direct by phone or online. So the company’s 35-agent contact center and three BPOs for call overflow are critical to its success, especially during its many marketing campaigns. A custom-built integration between NICE CXone and the company’s Dynamics 365 CRM system has enabled Basic Research to track every sale and contact, across every customer touchpoint.

CXone Omnichannel Routing enables calls to be routed to the best-qualified agent, whether in the contact center or a BPO, and agents are provided with extensive visibility into the customer relationship for each incoming call. CXone APIs ensure that overflow volume is handled expeditiously and accurately, too, by automatically contacting the BPOs for particular call types. Agents across the system instantly get screen pops of CRM information so that every customer receives speedy, personalized service.

Agents’ experience and performance have also improved: MAX - My Agent eXperience gives them a single interface where they can reply to emails, chat with customers on the website, make outbound calls via the dialer and receive inbound calls. And the system’s so easy to use, agent training time has been reduced by 78 percent, to just a few days.