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CXone Contact Center Solutions Help Bridgevine Drive Revenue, Satisfaction for Clients

Even as Bridgevine, a premier provider of technology and marketing solutions, continued to partner with a growing portfolio of trusted brands. It enable explosive revenue for those partners, its four global contact centers (three are offshore business process outsourcers, or BPOs) were operating separately within an outdated AT&T platform. The old system offered almost no performance visibility and limited functionality and could not support an integrated disaster recovery plan.

The Florida-based company knew it needed to a make change and decided to move to the modern, unified CXone cloud contact center CX platform. Bridgevine chose NICE inContact because of its strong ecosystem and solid network of partnerships as well as its CXone technology and contact center software features and functionality.

With CXone, Bridgevine’s contact centers are now unified and have immediate and complete reporting. This integration and much-improved visibility has dramatically impacted key metrics. The company has seen

  • a 40 percent increase in net revenue per call
  • a 25 percent reduction in cost per acquisition
  • an 80 percent improvement in Net Promoter Score®, a measure of customer satisfaction.

What’s more, it’s also gained peace of mind because calls are now automatically rerouted to other locations if disaster strikes.

While right-sizing staff has reduced costs, the improvement in agent performance across all locations has also had an impact on costs, as well as revenue. Cost per call alone has fallen from $8 to $5—a 46 percent reduction—and cost per acquisition (CPA) actually fell 25 percent in just six months.

A number of CXone tools have helped improve performance and metrics. With inViewTM Performance Management for CXone, for example, agents get feedback in real-time, which boosts productivity and motivation. Calls can be routed to the highest performers, which means more opportunity and incentives.  Soaring agent productivity is a direct contributor to net revenue per call, which has increased by 40 percent.”

Today, all four of Bridgevine’s contact centers are unified with CXone. Managers have new insights into contact center performance, and agents are self-motivated.  Read more about how Bridgevine harnessed the power of CXone to reduce costs while driving revenue and customer satisfaction.