Expivia Leverages Workforce Intelligence to Gain Visibility of Their Contact Center Operations

Chats, inbound calls, email and SMS lead the pack of channels across the contact center that generate enormous sets of data. That data can be leveraged by contact center managers who are looking to make substantive improvements to the daily contact center operations.

It was just 5 or 6 years ago that the ability to drill down on things like agent performance and average speed of answer (ASA) was somewhat of an inexact science.  To assess an agent’s performance, contact center supervisors listened to calls or call recordings to make a judgement of what the agent was excelling at and what he/she needed to improve on.  Similarly, the basic function of schedule management across contact center teams could prove to be inexact and full of surprises, causing more than its fair share of stress for those managing this enormous task. 

Expivia Interaction Marketing, a NICE CXone customer that is focused heavily on ‘interaction marketing’ through their call center practice, knew first-hand that having real time and pervasive visibility into contact center operation was precisely what would drive significant benefit to their clients.  Expivia’s CEO, Tom Laird discussed how the increased operational visibility impacts Expivia’s ability to deliver leading SLA’s to clients.

Tom Laird, Expivia CEO, says they use speech analytics to look at sentiment scoring and correlating specific words to how a customer feels.

 “We’re able to leverage and almost guarantee service levels on specific skills,” notes Laird. “We can set tolerances up so if a skill drops below to a 70% or 80% service level, we can automatically bring agents from other skills in.” 

As data sets have grown, so have the solutions that allow contact center managers to more effectively manage their contact center through broader visibility of daily functions.  Accessing this visibility is nearly in all cases transformative on its own, but the decisions you can make based on that visibility is the real performance game changer.

Through workforce management and workforce optimization solutions, organizations like Expivia  are driving significant change to improving contact center operations and ultimately transforming the customer experience itself. 

We recommend reviewing processes, procedures, SLA  targets and KPI measurements regularly in order to understand if customer experience is improving, eroding or staying the same.  Workforce management solutions allow for organizations to make informed, data-driven decisions on operations in order to achieve real change across the contact center. 

To hear more of Tom Laird’s best practices, check out his interview.