city furniture

Florida’s City Furniture Gains Reliable Data and Performance Visibility

Meaningful data and reporting are critical elements for any contact center. Without an accurate read on performance and the quality of the service being provided to customers, managers can’t know where—or how—to improve.

That’s the situation City Furniture, a leading home furnishings and accents retailer in Florida, found itself in with an on-premise Cisco system that consistently provided inaccurate information. Its contact center never really knew for certain where it was on the quality continuum or what it needed to focus on to improve.

But with 29-and-counting showrooms around the state, the company’s contact center had expanded by 40 percent! City Furniture’s continued growth depended on the contact center’s ability to keep up and to meet customer expectations for exceptional service experiences.

Switching to cloud platform and solutions, however, gave City Furniture the critical tools it was missing: reliable data it can trust and immediate visibility into performance. As a result, productivity has soared, hold time has dropped and quality has improved.

Agents, in particular, have especially benefited. Agent productivity, engagement and performance quality have all improved significantly, thanks in no small part to CXone Quality Management Pro and inView™ Performance Management for CXone. Agents now get timely, meaningful quality scoring and feedback. Big screens in the contact center display team and individual agent performance metrics in real time—a real motivator and a cue for coaching when necessary. Having this kind of deep visibility into performance has been pivotal for City Furniture’s contact center and its 128 agents, who know, without question, how they’re taking care of their valued customers.