Gant Travel Goes the Distance with CXone

Based in Bloomington, Indiana, Gant Travel specializes in corporate travel services for mid-size businesses. Its 81 agents handle a variety of travel reservations 24/7 — approximately 600 every month.

While the company works hard to ensure that its clients’ trips are comfortable, cost-effective, and error-free, the customer experience it was providing needed to make significant progress to meet the same standards.

The problem? On a high level, the company’s call center software solutions — WestIP, Moxie, and Outlook — were siloed and just weren’t talking to each other. For Gant, this meant trouble on several different fronts: no visibility across channels, increased call handle times, and customer friction.

Gant Travel turned to NICE inContact CXone to help diagnose and solve its customer service issues — a process that Gant teams described as “peeling back the layers of an onion” because every new issue revealed many more.

Examples on the list included duplicate, “looped” contacts in the queues, delays in pulling customer profile information, an IVR that was decidedly not customer-friendly, and a lack of tools that accurately gauged traffic or service levels.

With CXone, Gant Travel quickly transformed a negative customer experience to an extremely smooth, efficient one. Working with NICE inContact, Salesforce, and RingCentral, the company developed custom dashboards for call center agents.

And incorporating CXone Agent for Salesforce resulted in tighter integration between CXone and Salesforce: Agents now have individual customer information instantly before they even answer an incoming call.

Gant Travel and its customers continue to benefit from reductions in wait times and routing times as well as skyrocketing service levels and quality scores — and ultimately, customer satisfaction.