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How Contact Center Customer Experience Will Evolve in 2019

Contact centers will continue to evolve and improve as the need for better customer support continues to grow. And because the need for customer support never has been higher than in 2019, it’s unlikely that improvements are going to slow down anytime soon.

To make revolutionary changes to customer experience, sometimes you need to start at the foundation. Instead of bolting on solutions to an already complex infrastructure, organizations should consider a thorough evaluation of the state of their call center software technology. Companies willing to invest carefully in proven integrated solutions will realize a return on this investment.

Modern contact centers typically operate under one of two models: a hybrid cloud model with a multi-tenant backend or a fully hosted cloud call center software solution. The desire of many companies to shift to cloud-based solutions is well documented. However, some companies want to maintain control over their own infrastructures, often citing security and data center vendor lock-in concerns.

With this said, what does 2019 hold for the customer experience? This year, you can expect contact center evolution of hybrid solutions to be highlighted by the following:

Hybrid Model: Total Voice Ownership

Companies can gain an intelligent edge by taking complete command of their contact center’s voice infrastructure. Solutions that leverage a truly hosted model will allow contact centers to experience true control and effectively leverage their contact center’s massive potential. The Momentum Telecom and NICE technology partnership delivers a solution that allows contact centers to take advantage of:

  • A fully managed solution to handset
  • High levels of security among the provider, the contact center, and devices
  • WAN link redundancy
  • Quality of service
  • Quality call monitoring
  • Deep maintenance

Hybrid Model: More Cloud-Hosted Apps

The use of hybrid cloud models with a multi-tenant backend allows companies to bring on various cloud partners to reach customers through a variety of different avenues. This includes support through chat and email, which improves the customer experience by meeting customers with platforms where they feel comfortable.

In addition to providing more avenues for contact center support, a hybrid cloud model enables systems to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape for security and Unified Communications applications.

Hybrid Model: Single Source

Companies will be looking for single sources that can deliver these best-of-class platforms. Why would companies want to go through the struggle and hassle of working with a whole cluster of organizations when they can deal with a single company like Momentum Telecom that can deliver all of their apps and services from industry leaders like Broadsoft, Microsoft, and NICE?

You can trust the Momentum Telecom solution because:

  • Momentum has years of experience with NICE that include joint facilities which results in a higher-level of support and zero cost-for-connection from NICE to endpoint
  • It enables a highly flexible future focused on embracing the highest quality of integrated apps from Broadsoft, Microsoft, and NICE
  • It provides the stability, quality, security, and management capability of a premise-based architecture
  • Many customers have embraced the Momentum and NICE model and found success

Cloud Model: Transition to a Fully Integrated and Open Cloud Contact Center Platform

This will be the year that many companies either make the shift from on-premise call center infrastructure toward a cloud customer experience platform, or these companies will include the transition in their near-term planning. The NICE CXone cloud contact center platform offers the following advantages:

  • Focus on customer experience improvements instead of infrastructure and integrations
  • Scale up or down quickly to meet contact center demand requirements with a utility pricing model
  • Connect the customer journey across all communications channels for a more personalized experience
  • Use real-time data to increase employee engagement
  • Take advantage of analytics to inform operational decisions
  • Streamline processes and workflows using automation, machine learning, and AI

CXone incorporates CXone Voice as a Service. It is a network connectivity suite which delivers flexible and reliable telephony services purpose-built for contact centers. Voice quality is monitored for every call and carries an SLA that meets a mean opinion score (MOS) of 3.9+ and 99.9% availability.

As mentioned above, organizations continue to embrace cloud-hosted apps like Salesforce. CXone offers integrations with Salesforce and other popular apps to improve agent productivity. Specially built business apps, created by NICE and third-party inCloud partners, can make your contact center even more productive.

Organizations operating with legacy on-premises and hosted solutions wishing to migrate to a full cloud-native environment for their contact center may be relieved to learn that CXone offers a clear and easy migration path. Migration can be done at the pace that organizations are comfortable with while protecting investments made in their current solutions.

2019: Think Flexible, Versatile, and Secure

In 2019, it’s unthinkable to have a call center software architecture that is inflexible and not versatile. So, it’s time to make sure your contact center is embracing a solution that is both adaptable and secure and that provides access to quality applications. Picking the right provider is just as important as embracing the cloud.