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Moving to Cloud: A Must for Contact Centers

Everywhere you turn, the calls to move to cloud environments have become prevalent – regardless of system, workload or application, its no secret that cloud has redefined how our most critical systems are deployed and operated.  Cloud has matured far beyond its early beginnings nearly 2 decades ago. But while the underpinning technology has been well tested, documented and measured – the journey of moving to the cloud can still be incredibly tricky.  That part of the journey can be easily forgotten in value propositions and marketing campaigns. 

The playbook for moving to the cloud is not a one size fits all. Every agency and organization has a unique set of infrastructure that they are running along with unique workloads, all of which require specific strategies and tactics to successfully make such a tectonic shift.

In the world of Contact Centers, moving functions like IVR and ACD are obvious choices. Like other cloud systems, the architecture provides a more scalable environment allowing you to better support call distribution and IVR. But moving those functions to cloud is really just the beginning of the advantages gained in a cloud environment. Cloud allows you to activate features with incredible ease. Features like Workforce Management, Call Recording and even call advanced reporting functions like call tracking metrics are more easily accessible in a cloud environment. In a recent market report, a key finding states “Cloud contact centers have become a necessary step for companies to adopt a systematic approach that enhances performance, channels support and engagement, reporting and analytics to successfully support a customer base where customer preferences keep changing.”

Your Contact Center represents the front line to your constituents and customers. Downtime for migrations is a true ‘threading the needle’ window, if executed poorly it can result in downtime, confused agents, unhappy users trying to contact your agency. Join us for a Practitioner’s Guide to Migrating to Cloud where you will see the full journey, starting with building the business case, then on to specifics around migration planning and finally exploring best practice operation to ensure ROI. You’ll hear from our experts and first hand experience to things you should be focused on, the pitfalls you should avoid and where and when to leverage the relationship with you provider to help expedite a smooth transition.