NextGear Capital Drives Growth and Improves CSAT 10%

For more than a decade, floor-plan financing provider NextGear Capital has been helping independent automotive dealers—now over 23,000 of them in the U.S., Canada, UK and Ireland—with customized inventory finance solutions. NextGear’s lines of credit, in fact, give dealers the buying power they need to be successful.

But NextGear also provides dealers much more, including responsive, reliable support by email, phone and chat. Working with NICE CXone has helped fuel the company’s growth by greatly improving efficiencies in its contact center and enhancing the customer experience.

With virtually no contact center to speak of prior to teaming up with NICE CXone, NextGear Capital has leveraged CXone solutions to build a contact center operation that’s a well-oiled machine. With solutions that include CXone Omnichannel Routing and CXone Interactive Voice Response, along with CXone Workforce Management Enterprise and CXone ECHO, NextGear’s contact center can access and act on important metrics; quickly scale up to accommodate seasonal and daily fluctuations; and easily handle the company’s own impressive growth—while hiring fewer agents.

Greater efficiency has reduced the cost per call and a number of other measurable improvements and overall, has saved the company hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Most importantly, perhaps, NextGear Capital’s customer satisfaction has grown by 10%.

Learn why NextGear Customer Experience Supervisor Lauren Gill says CXone has helped propel NextGear to leadership in its industry.