Outbound Campaigns: Use Flexibility to Maintain Compliance and Maximize Performance

Every football team that has its own playbook, filled with options depending on the situation on the field, different contact centers have different operating procedures depending on particular outbound campaigns. And, just as NFL rules of engagement make proper execution a necessity, so do complex FTC and FCC regulations – including TSR, DNC and TCPA – make proper contact center execution critical.

Each contact center, like each NFL team, is different: different leadership, different campaign types, different calling lists, and different risk tolerance profiles. Flexibility can boost performance since different outbound campaigns call for different compliance procedures, or plays. For example, contact centers run a variety of campaign types across multiple time zones and states. Flexibility is needed to optimize performance for each campaign type, time zone and state, while still keeping within overall compliance guidelines.

Different contact center risk tolerance profiles also call for different play calls. Each company, as advised by their legal team, is going to interpret outbound dialing legislation differently. The spectrum may run from liberal guidelines to specific and locked down procedures for outbound calls. Once a contact center’s compliance policy by campaign type is specified, how can contact centers overlay it onto operations while also improving performance?

The cloud can give contact centers the ability to directly integrate compliance solutions. For example, with inContact’s Personal Connection™ solution customers can benefit from Gryphon’s real-time certification of outbound calls as a drag-and-drop solution. Gryphon Networks, an inCloud Ecosystem partner, directly integrates with the inContact platform. There’s no complex integration and no new hardware or software is required. With Gryphon, customers are able to indemnify their company against all DNC fines and penalties. Certifications are completely automated as part of every outbound dial.

Contact centers can also benefit from flexible time zone and list management. inContact’s outbound dialing solution allows for custom time zone bounding, so contact centers can optimize performance by calling during narrow time frames that are still within regulatory guidelines. And, list filtering filters out certain states that, for example, have been hit by a storm and need to keep lines open for emergency purposes. Also, states that require licensed agents for a particular campaign can also be automatically filtered if necessary. Specific compliance guidelines can also be applied to campaigns that have different regulatory requirements, such as collections and proactive outreach.

Contact centers may also want the flexibility to act within their own risk profile when considering the TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act). inContact’s outbound dialing solution gives customers the ability to handle compliance in a way that makes sense for their business. For customers looking for an enhanced compliance experience, the partnership with Gryphon provides the opportunity to conduct real-time compliance management.

Outbound compliance management is a complex challenge. World-class outbound solutions not only help protect call centers, but also allow for adjustments and customizations based on campaign types and specific risk tolerance profiles. For the NFL and contact centers alike, a team’s superior ability to adapt and execute within the confines of regulations maximizes performance. Play-by-play flexibility combined with precise execution lead to victory.