Say Goodbye to Dropped Calls With Our Outbound Dialer

The perennial problem for outbound call centers has been the dropped call. According to our recent study, 49% of respondents hang up when they hear a delay or pause when answering the phone from an unfamiliar number. For call centers, this can mean a huge hit to their call efficiency, and to their bottom line.

Today’s leading outbound contact centers have the functionality to make multiple simultaneous calls per agent. However, neither premise nor cloud dialer platforms have been able to eliminate the lag between when the auto dialer connects and when the agent picks up the phone. That is, except for ours.

In October, we released our patented Personal Connection™ Outbound Dialer solution—the only predictive dialer software that eliminates the awkward pause forever. In addition, our dialer features intelligent call suppression, custom agent scripting, and CRM integration with in-house and popular CRM systems.

If you struggle managing a call center that is plagued by dropped calls, you’re not alone. Our benchmark analysis report, a survey of over 350 contact center professionals, found that 45% of contact centers feel that improving the customer experience is the number one priority for them. For outbound contact centers, that starts with the first “

Before we released our Personal Connection™ predictive dialer software, call center managers had no recourse to eliminate dropped calls, other than trying to minimize the awkward pause as much as possible. If you want to significantly increase the performance of your outbound call center, Contact us today and learn more about our one-of-a-kind cloud dialer.