Surveys and Interaction Analytics The Perfect Voice of the Customer Pair

Surveys and Interaction Analytics: The Perfect Voice of the Customer Pair

One of the most important and fundamental pieces of a voice of the customer program is implementing a solution for your customers to provide unbiased feedback through surveys. But, if you want to get a complete view on how to improve your customer experience, you need to combine direct and indirect customer feedback to see the full picture.

Interaction analytics allow you to mine data to find indirect feedback for all omnichannel customer interactions that you wouldn’t uncover with using a survey-only approach for understanding your customers. Use this data in parallel with the direct survey feedback to completely capture your customers voice and improve their experiences. While surveys let customers tell you openly how they feel about an experience, analytics delivers actionable insights with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language processing to get to the root cause of trends and issues customers are experiencing and crosses all the touchpoints throughout the customer lifecycle.

So why is interaction analytics the perfect partner for customer surveys? Here are three valuable examples:

  1. Discover trending topics and issues - Interaction analytics easily help identify new and evolving customer problems and trending terms and issues. As issues start to develop you can quickly put a plan into place to address the needs of your customers and make sure agents are armed with the right information.
  2. Increase CSAT -Be proactive and get to the heart of an issue faster with interaction analytics identifying customer sentiment and frustration related to specific products, services, upgrades, etc.   And, identify product and services gaps, reveal top complaints and establish marketing and competitor strategies through customer feedback. Having access to all this data in an easy to digest format helps create a comprehensive view to improve customer satisfaction ratings and loyalty.
  3. Improve customer retention  - A successful Voice of the Customer program reduces customer attrition (aka improves retention).  Interaction analytics identifies frustrated customers.  Frustration indicates a potential to churn away from your company, possibly toward a competitor.  By gaining an understanding of the processes, products and issues that are driving customer churn, you can build a strategy for customer rescue efforts.

If you would like to learn more about interaction analytics and how it plays an integral part in providing a comprehensive approach to improve your voice of the customer program, watch this videoto learn how it tracks trends and drivers of satisfaction across 100% of your customer interactions and gives you a lasting competitive advantage.

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