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TechStyle Improves Contact Center Efficiency and Customer Service with NICE CXone

The fashion world constantly needs shaking up, and TechStyle is doing exactly that. By providing monthly shipments of trend-setting clothing for subscribers, TechStyle is reinventing retail for millions of its customers. Whether it’s the active wear of Fabletics, footwear with Shoedazzle, women’s fashion from JustFab, or children’s items via FabKids, TechStyle’s great taste doesn’t stop at clothing.

TechStyle uses NICE CXone to outsource its entire customer service team of 600-to-1200 agents, who field inbound calls from all across the globe. Relying on the NICE CXone Customer Interaction Cloud, TechStyle has been able to boost agent productivity by over 25% to deliver improved, value-added customer experiences.

Streamlined Contact Center Support

Handling global customer service responsibilities can be challenging, and TechStyle was finding it difficult to juggle three separate, cloud-based customer service systems for its brands. Managing the varying customer service elements became a real headache, especially when it came to scheduling and reporting. That all changed after TechStyle teamed up with NICE.

“With NICE, we now have one central platform that allows all of the agents to support our five global brands,” says Justin Borah, TechStyle’s VP of Global Member Services Support Operations. “We also felt that NICE could support our growth and future needs.”

Flexibility and Scalability

Since business at TechStyle can be seasonal, having the ability to instantly add new agents when call volumes spike for Shoedazzle customer service, for instance, and adjust those levels up or down as needed, was extremely important. With NICE CXone, challenges surrounding agent staffing evaporated, allowing TechStyle to spin from 100 to 1,000 agents virtually overnight.

NICE CXone’s agility allows it to keep pace with TechStyle in other areas, as well. When new products and brands launch, for instance, the TechStyle team can quickly and easily adjust the NICE CXone platform without having to hire any outside help. That gives the company the independence to provide tailored customer service much faster than with legacy software.

“With NICE, I can setup a new brand’s campaign, skills, and points of contact while building out new IVR scripting – all without involving professional services,” Borah says.

Customer Service to Count On

With so many outsourced agents providing global customer service, there might be some questions about how TechStyle is able to maintain quality control. TechStyle solves this issue by treating every agent with care, as if he or she were an employee of TechStyle.

Plus, NICE CXone’s Reporting and Analytics allow TechStyle to monitor agents’ performances and create a scorecard based on data. These customer service metrics help TechStyle gauge its success on a daily basis. “We measure talk time, wrap time, and call handling metrics, but we’re also heavily monitoring CRM data such as membership retention,” Borah says. “It’s our goal to retain as many members as possible, so when a member wants to cancel their membership, we have specific metrics around how agents should handle those types of calls.”

An Innovative, Global Company with a Customer Service Team to Match

“Working with NICE has been a great experience from top to bottom,” Borah says. “The entire NICE portfolio covers whatever you need, and the speed at which we can do things is one of the big benefits of NICE CXone. Once you know the platform, the sky is the limit.”

Positive Business Outcomes

  • 25% rise in agent productivity
  • 25% reduction in average speed of answer
  • 38% reduction in call wrap-up
  • Eliminated expensive telecom lines
  • High level of rapid agent scalability
  • Better reporting and overall customer experience