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DSW Successfully Incorporates AI into Customer Experience

We love our shoes! Designer Shoe Warehouse, better known as DSW, continues to find innovative ways to capitalize on that universal truth and keep customers coming back for more. From a single store just 25 years ago, DSW has become a footwear and accessories powerhouse with 500 stores and a wildly successful digital business.

Today, DSW leads the industry it has so effectively disrupted. How? By never taking their eye off the ever-important customer experience (CX) and continually incorporating new ways to expand and enhance the experience that it provides to their customers.

Our webinar, From Brick & Mortar to Digital Superhero, picks up the story at a pivotal point in the DSW journey. The company was grappling with how to build ongoing demand without growing the organization—and also, how to incorporate automation while preserving the quality of the customer experience.  Hear directly from DSW and the partner they brought in (SmartAction) to augment NICE inContact with conversational AI capabilities:

  • Tim Harpe – Director, Customer Operations: Digital, DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse
  • Tom Lewis – CEO of SmartAction, NICE inContact DEVone partner program

By combining NICE inContact with SmartAction’s AI-powered virtual agent, DSW ultimately found the right human-machine balance without compromising an ounce of CX. Moreover, AI-powered customer self-service has boosted their CX as customers no longer wait in queue for routine (now automated) transactions related to order management. Today, live agents are optimized to help customers more quickly on complex needs. Average handle time (AHT), a key CX metric, has fallen by two minutes! Find out where DSW is going next, as Tim and Tom discuss insights for deciding which transactions best lend themselves to automation (next up: returns) and look ahead to integrating chat into the customer’s omnichannel experience.

Access this webinar: From Brick & Mortar to Digital Superhero: DSW’s Journey to AI-Powered Virtual Agents