citizen experience

The Voice of the Customer is Asking for a Better Citizen Experience is Your Agency Listening

For the private sector, customer service has served as the cornerstone of a well thought out marketing strategy.  Businesses make investments to improve all touch points across the customer journey to ensure that each one of those customers has an exceptional experience when it comes to engaging with the brand. 

Across agencies in federal, state and local governments, the experience imperative is every bit as crucial (I would argue, in many cases even more so) to fulfilling agency missions. It helps ensure that the citizens those agencies serve have what they need.  Like their private sector peers, the front line for engagement with government agencies lies in the contact center.  Not surprisingly, that is where many agencies are focusing their investments (and with good reason.)  Contact center investments can yield significant and rapid improvements to that.

When it comes to making contact center investments that will deliver significant return on investment for public sector agencies looking to improve the citizen experience - there are three categories that agency leaders should focus on:

  • Understand the current state of your contact center?  What technologies exist today?  IVR? Call recording?  Understand the capital requirements and where they are aligned in your contact center.  This is a must in understanding what you need to implement to drive improvements.  Taking time to go through this audit of your existing environment will also almost certainly uncover areas where there is little or no ROI. 
  • Driving measurable improvements to your contact center through digital channels is an exceptional measure in reshaping the way your contact center operates. In doing so, you need to understand your agents’ strengths and weaknesses. Start with aligning your agents on who solves given scenarios the best, then look at which channels they would be comfortable supporting – conduct interviews with your team and understand their challenges today. 
  • It cannot be overstated that workforce optimization solutions yield exceptional benefits to agencies that have historically struggled with getting their arms around the citizen journey.  In many cases this journey is complex, hardly intuitive and results in frustration for the citizen and the agents that are attempting to solve problems.  When exploring investments to drive citizen experience change  in your contact center you should absolutely be looking at these solutions.  At NICE inContact, we’ve spoken with our customers and it’s quite amazing to hear contact center leaders’ feedback on the difference this solution made to their jobs, as well as their agents (and most importantly the customer).

Join us October 24 along with e-Republic as we explore each of these three important variables in building and deploying a stronger citizen journey. The webinar will highlight how NICE inContact, the industry’s only FedRAMP certified cloud contact center, is helping agencies achieve their mission.