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What Is Call Quality Monitoring

“This call may be used for quality or training purposes…” Have you ever wondered about that notification when you call a business? While it’s easy to disregard, it reveals a common business practice: Call Quality Monitoring – a practice contact centers use to review and evaluate the quality of their agents’ interactions with customers.

While call monitoring may be performed live at times, it isn’t feasible when there are large volumes of calls. For this reason, most contact centers record their agents’ calls. Businesses monitor call-takers within their contact center for various reasons, including:

  • Service consistency, such as adherence to quality standards or internal policies and procedures
  • Legal and compliance reasons
  • Agent coaching and development

Beyond monitoring agents, many contact centers use QM to gain an understanding of their customer’s experience. Call recordings contain valuable insight on customer feelings, preferences and more! Monitoring calls is a powerful way for contact centers to understand the experience their callers receive and where it can be improved.

Quality Monitoring has the potential to make significant contributions to the success of a contact center by creating an effective balance between operational requirements and agent empowerment. For example, data from evaluated calls can be used within a performance improvement process to improve agent development and engagement.

Contact centers employ processes and tools to manage their Quality Monitoring. While some operations may use a manual process at first - paper forms and labor-intensive spreadsheets to track evaluations – this can be cumbersome, time intensive and costly. Fortunately, contact centers of all sizes can employ QM software to help manage the entire quality process – from recording and selection of calls to agent evaluation and coaching.

Modern Quality Management solutions focus on the agent experience and engagement – making agents a focal point of the quality management process.  Look for key features that enable you to involve agents in your QM program, such as the ability to provide agents with access to their most recently evaluated interactions, self-evaluation options and coaching.

A complete solution will be integrated with all components of the Workforce Optimization suite such as Workforce Management, Performance Management and Customer Feedback Surveys