Leveraging Workforce Optimization to Engage Contact Center Agents

Leveraging Workforce Optimization to Engage Contact Center Agents

In this video, the next in our series on Transforming Customer Experiences, Lauren Comer, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, discusses how you can leverage workforce optimization software to hire, train and engage contact center agents more effectively.

The days of pulling any person off the street into plugging them into your contact center are long gone. In so many ways technology has made it much easier for agents to complete their jobs with things like more intuitive interfaces, the ability to work from anywhere, and giving them customer information at their fingertips. But in other ways, the nature and actual role of the agent is more complex than ever!

Engage your agents

Lauren explains that once you hire the right agent you must keep them engaged so they stick around -but we all know that’s not easy. In ICMI’s 2018 Community Interest Survey, contact center leaders reported that their number-one challenge was training and retaining the staff needed to be successful.

Giving agents a voice in the contact center is one of the leading ways you can engage your workforce. You can provide agents a voice in various ways.

Workforce optimization software has also made it easier to engage your agents and give them a voice through workforce management, quality management (QM), and performance management tools.

Involving agents throughout your quality management process is another way to give them a voice and keep them engaged. Shift the perception of QM from being Big Brother to a tool that helps them succeed. You can do this by getting their input on what should be on eval forms and requiring them to do self and peer evaluations. You should also provide a clear and trustworthy arbitration process and use analytics to make sure samples are fair.

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