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Get Your Contact Center Ready for the Modern Age

If you purchased a laptop in 2012 and compared it to one today it would be like comparing a raft to a nuclear submarine!  That’s because all technology has a “shelf-life”. For many IT systems this is about seven years.  This is also true for call center systems. 

Why does technology have an expiration date? Because software and hardware either wears out or becomes functionally obsolete. As we know, technology moves fast and what was once considered “state of the art” will inevitably become functionally obsolete. Maybe the hardware still works.  But how often does it fail? How long does it take to repair?  How well does your system support modern call center requirements like omnichannel, digital channels, workforce management and more? How does all this impact your call center? 

Modernizing your contact center software may seem like a big job.  But the good news is that your next upgrade can be much easier and affordable if you have a plan. 

Sheila McGee Smith, the founder and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, a leading customer experience industry analyst and strategic consultant, has developed a framework to help you build your modernization plan. Now you can navigate the upgrade journey with confidence by building a plan by considering the following:

  • What are the advantages of upgrading vs. purchasing new?
  • Why go “cloud” or stay with an on-premises system?
  • Should I buy a dedicated contact center solution or a hybrid UCaaS (phone) solution?
  • What functionality do I need beyond the basics of ACD, IVR and reporting?
  • What CRM and other business systems do I need to integrate with?

By considering these factors, a contact center leader can build a smart, well informed plan that will minimize disruption while also saving time and money.  If you want to learn more and hear firsthand from Sheila as she discusses this framework, consider attending her webinar or by reading her white paper “Navigating the Contact Center Purchase Decision.